VU Diskrete Mathematik (Winter Term 2023)

Welcome to the web page of "VU Diskrete Mathematik".

This course consists of two parts: lectures and exercises.


The lectures comprise a chapter on graph and a short chapter on topological methods. The chapter on graph theory will be presented within another course of which the chapter is also part of. This course takes place as follows: As soon as the graph theory chapter is done (expected for October 27), the Tuesday and Friday morning lectures for this course are over. The lectures conclude with the last unit on

There are no official lecture notes. However, two students who attended the other course, which has its first part (graph theory) in common with the VU Diskrete Mathematik, took notes: Lecture Notes Discrete Mathematics.

On this web page the exercise sheets for "VU Diskrete Mathematik" as well as any slides that are presented in the lecture will be uploaded.


The exercise sessions take place every Friday, 12:15h-13:45h in lecture room FH HS 7. The dates are October 13, 20 and 27, November 10 (two units, 12:15-15:45, with a break), 24, and finally December 1.

The exercises have to be prepared at home and in advance. For each problem you solved and you think you can present the solution on the blackboard, tick the appropriate box in TUWEL before 8:00 a.m. the day of the respective exercise session.

Attendance to the exercise sessions is mandatory.


There will be two written examinations which we call "test" and "final exam".

The test is a little quiz with problems of similar style as the exercises. It will take place during the exercise session of November 24.
The final exam is on December 15, 12h-14h, in lecture room FH HS 7. It lasts 100 minutes and contains exercises as well as theoretical questions. Note that participation in the exam is mandatory.

In case you fail at the final exam or do not show up, you have the opportunity to repeat it at the end of the semester (date to be announced). If necessary up to two further dates for repetitions will be provided in the summer term.
In case you fail four times, you will get the grade "failed" for the whole course. A better grade can then only be obtained by repeating the whole course in the next winter term.

Slides presented in the lecture

Exercise sheets:

will be uploaed here.

Modalities and Grading

Necessary conditions for passing:

a) score for exercises + presentations: 30/80. Note: a maximum of 60 points for the exercises and 20 points for your blackboard presentations is possible. Each exercise has the same weight and the weights sum up to 60 points.

b) Test score: 6/20 (less than 6 can be compensated at the final exam).

c) Final exam score: 40/100 or 80/100 if the test score is less than 6.

d) Total score: 120/200

Grading scheme: