Inner Model Theory Seminar
(WiSe 2022)

This is an introductory learning seminar for inner model theory. We will go through Steel's Lectures "An Introduction to Iterated Ultrapowers" and introduce measures, embeddings, iterated ultrapowers, comparison, extenders, linear iterations via extenders, iteration trees of length omega, and iteration trees of transfinite length. Afterwards, we consider applications, including Woodin's extender algebra.

The seminar takes place Thursdays 13:00 - 14:30 in the Dissertantenraum (TU Wien Freihaus, green area, 8th floor).

After successful completion of the course, students and other participants are able to follow basic inner model theoretic literature. They will master linear iterations of ultrapowers and extenders as well as the basics of iteration trees and applications. This seminar is an ideal preparation for a follow-up seminar taking place in the summer semester.

The inner model theory seminar will be a weekly seminar with alternating speakers, including students, guests, and members of the research unit. Giving a talk and active participation are mandatory to successfully complete the course. The speaker is responsible for preparing the talk and selecting highlights from the material. The lecturer will offer help in the preparation of the talk, both for scientific questions and didactic issues.