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I am a set theorist and my main research interests lie in the areas of inner model theory, determinacy axioms and descriptive set theory, as well as their relationships and connections to other areas of logic. I am very glad to lead and work with this fantastic group of researchers.

I am currently Assistant Professor (tenure track) at TU Wien in the Institute for Discrete Mathematics and Geometry and recently received an FWF START Prize for my project Determinacy and Woodin limits of Woodin cardinals. The START Prize is the highest award for outstanding young researchers in Austria. You can read an interview I gave about my research and the aims in this START project here (in German, see here for the English version).

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On September 26th, 2022, the Austrian Day of Mathematics, I received the Förderungspreis of the ÖMG (Austrian Mathematical Society). The laudatio by Grigor Sargsyan is available here.

In addition, I am the PI of the FWF Elise Richter Fellowship V844 with the project Long games and determinacy when sets are universally Baire and the international FWF project I6087 entitled Classifying Derived Models of the Axiom of Determinacy.

In April 2022, I have been elected as a member of the Young Academy of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). The Young Academy currently consists of 63 excellent researchers who were elected on the basis of acquired important research awards and fellowships. One main aim of the Young Academy is to support innovative research and strengthen young researchers.

Key achievements: Proving a conjecture of Sargsyan on the consistency strength of a model of determinacy in which all sets of reals are universally Baire. Development of a new translation procedure to obtain an iterable inner model with a limit of Woodin and strong cardinals. Analysis of the hereditarily ordinal definable sets HOD in canonical inner models with finitely many Woodin cardinals (with Sargsyan). Determination of the large cardinal strength of determinacy of projective games of length $\omega^2$ (with Aguilera). Analysis of the full Wadge hierarchy under determinacy and application to solve a problem in general topology (with Carroy and Medini).

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Here you can watch my talk at the 15th International Luminy Workshop in Set Theory.

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Dr. Sandra Müller
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