On September 19, 2018 I was invited to give a talk in the Thematic Session in Set Theory and Topology at the joint meeting of the Italian Mathematical Union, the Italian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Polish Mathematical Society (UMI-SIMAI-PTM) in Wrocław.

Large Cardinals in the Stable Core

Abstract: The Stable Core $\mathbb{S}$, introduced by Sy Friedman in 2012, is a proper class model of the form $(L[S],S)$ for a simply definable predicate $S$. He showed that $V$ is generic over the Stable Core (for $\mathbb{S}$-definable dense classes) and that the Stable Core can be properly contained in HOD. These remarkable results motivate the study of the Stable Core itself. In the light of other canonical inner models the questions whether the Stable Core satisfies GCH or whether large cardinals is $V$ imply their existence in the Stable Core naturally arise. We answer these questions and show that GCH can fail at all regular cardinals in the Stable Core. Moreover, we show that measurable cardinals in general need not be downward absolute to the Stable Core, but in the special case where $V = L[\mu]$ is the canonical inner model for one measurable cardinal, the Stable Core is in fact equal to $L[\mu]$.

This is joint work with Sy Friedman and Victoria Gitman.

Slides for this talk are available on request.