On July 19th and 21st I gave talks at the 1st IRVINE CONFERENCE on DESCRIPTIVE INNER MODEL THEORY and HOD MICE.

Abstract: In this talk we will outline a proof of Woodin’s result that boldface $\boldsymbol\Sigma^1_{n+1}$ determinacy yields the existence and $\omega_1$-iterability of the premouse $M_n^\sharp(x)$ for all reals $x$. This involves first generalizing a result of Kechris and Solovay concerning OD determinacy in $L[x]$ for a cone of reals $x$ to the context of mice with finitely many Woodin cardinals. We will focus on using this result to prove the existence and $\omega_1$-iterability of $M_n^\sharp$ from a suitable hypothesis. Note that this argument is different for the even and odd levels of the projective hierarchy. This is joint work with Ralf Schindler and W. Hugh Woodin.

You can find notes taken by Martin Zeman here and here.


More pictures and notes for the other talks can be found on the conference webpage.