On July 3rd 2017 I gave a contributed talk at the 6th European Set Theory Conference in Budapest.

Abstract: We introduce alternative definitions of density points in Cantor space (or Baire space) which coincide with the usual definition of density points for the uniform measure on ${}^{\omega}2$ up to a set of measure $0$, and which depend only on the ideal of measure $0$ sets but not on the measure itself. This allows us to define the density property for the ideals associated to tree forcings analogous to the Lebesgue density theorem for the uniform measure on ${}^{\omega}2$. The main results show that among the ideals associated to well-known tree forcings, the density property holds for all such ccc forcings and fails for the remaining forcings. In fact we introduce the notion of being stem-linked and show that every stem-linked tree forcing has the density property.

This is joint work with Philipp Schlicht, David Schrittesser and Thilo Weinert.