Martin Goldstern

I am a professor at the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry, University of Technology in Wien (Vienna), Austria.

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I work mainly in mathematical logic and universal algebra; I am particularly interested in applications of logic (such as: set theory) to algebra, and in set theory of the real line. I am also interested in uniform distribution and theoretical computer science.


A complete annotated bibliography of my mathematical papers will appear here tomorrow. A few papers are available already now, including Mengenlehre: Hierarchie der Unendlichkeiten (Set Theory: Hierarchy of infinities; in German), an introductory paper discussing the role of set theory in mathematics.

Also an outdated bibtex file is available.

I have also coauthored a book, The Incompleteness Phenomenon (an introduction to mathematical logic). The book is published by A.K.Peters. It is now available in paperback.

Teaching etc -- Lehr- und andere Veranstaltungen

You can find the details on a separate page. See also: Skripten. and Prüfungen.

I was one of the faculty members of the Doctoral Programme "Mathematical Logic in Computer Science"

Research projects

My recent projects (2004-) can be found on the list of Set Theory projects of our research group.


Information about (recent or future) talks, among them a manuscript for my talk on

Logik und Naive Mathematik

can be found on a separate page.

Vortrag über verschiedene Unendlichkeiten (auf Deutsch, Dezember 2019).

Other work

I am the head of the Research Group Algebra at the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry at TU Wien.

I was the head of the curriculum committee (Studienkommission) for "Technische Mathematik" from 2004 to 2016; in October 2006 we introduced a new curriculum, consisting of four bachelor programs and six master programs. Later we changed our curricula to contain only 3 bachelor programs (2011) and 3 master programs (2012).

I was one of the organizers of the conference AAA 58, the 58th Workshop on general algebra (TU Wien, June 1999), and again of AAA 70 (TU Wien, May 2005).

I was on the local organizing committee for the Logic Colloquium 2001 (Uni Wien and TU Wien, August 2001), the annual European meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic.

I was also involved in the preparation of Horizons of Truth, a 2006 meeting to commemorate the 100th birthday of Kurt Gödel.

I was on the program committee for the Logic Colloquium 2009 (Sofia, Bulgaria; July 31-August 5, 2009).

With Jakob Kellner I organised the Special Session in Set Theory at the Logic Colloquium 2014 (part of the Vienna Summer of Logic).

Some of my free time I spend writing perl programs to help maintain Shelah's Archive.


I cheated my way into the Hall of Fame of the Oracle of Bacon at Virginia.

Occasionally I contribute to Wikipedia. (You can find me easily if you know me well.)

Utterly unimportant dates in history

On Oct 8, 2003 (local time), I received 100 junk mail messages.


I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology, where I received my doctoral degree in 1986, habilitation in 1993. I also spent some time at the math departments of My first stay in Berlin (1992/93) was supported by the German Science Foundation (DFG). My stays at CMU, Rutgers and Berlin in 1995-1997 were supported by a Schrödinger fellowship from the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF). Two semesters at the Hebrew University (2015,2018) were supported by an ERC grant of my host, Saharon Shelah.

I joined the faculty of TU Wien in November 1993.

Prizes, fellowships, awards, etc

Oodles, including TIME Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006. (Please ignore that.) And the Nobel peace prize in 2012, of course. (About 0.002 ppm)

Name dropping

My Ph.D. advisor in Vienna was Robert F. Tichy. According to the Math Genealogy Database, this makes me a descendant of (among many others) Felix Klein, Dirichlet, Fourier, Lagrange and Euler. (Really?)

My Ph.D. advisors in Berkeley were Jack Silver and Haim Judah. My ancestors on the Silver side include Robert Vaught and Alfred Tarski, and those on the Judah side include Abraham (Adolf) Fraenkel, Leopold Kronecker (fancy that!), and again Dirichlet and his forefathers.

Here is my full academic family tree.

More name dropping

Anthropologist Eugenie Goldstern was my grandfather's sister. Nobel prize winner Martin Karplus is a son of my father's sister.

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