Research Unit
Computational Logic


The research areas of our group are mathematical logic and theoretical computer science. Topics of particular interest are proof theory, formal language theory, computable structure theory, Hilbert's epsilon-calculus, many-valued logics, fuzzy logic, automated deduction, juridical logic.

Our research seminar takes place on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 11:00.


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If you are interested in a bachelor, master or PhD thesis please contact us personally.



Matthias Baaz (head)
Ekaterina Fokina
Stefan Hetzl


Juan Aguilera
Dino Rossegger
Luca San Mauro
Lorenzo Sauras Altuzarra
Grigorii Stepanov

Former Members

Bahareh Afshari
Federico Aschieri
Arnold Beckmann
Lev Beklemishev
Jan Bydžovský
Sebastian Eberhard
Gabriel Ebner
Danny Arlen de Jesús Gómez Ramírez
Rosalie Iemhoff
Sándor Jenei
Werner Kuich (emeritus)
Graham E. Leigh
Anela Lolic
Norbert Preining
Sebastiaan Terwijn
Esko Turunen
Friedrich Urbanek (retired)
Jannik Vierling
Daniel Weller
Simon Wolfsteiner
Anna Zamansky
Sebastian Zivota

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