Dino Rossegger
Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10/104
1090 Wien
e-mail: givenname.surname(at)

Dino Rossegger

I am a PhD student at the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry at the Vienna University of Technology. My advisor is Ekaterina Fokina.

I am interested in computable structure theory and computability theory in general. I also like model theory and abstract nonsense.

Contact Info & Business Hours (Sprechstunde)

See the contact info at the left part of this page. Detailed information regarding my Sprechstunde and office number can be found here.


  • Summer Term 2017 (current semester)
    • UE Theoretische Informatik (Theoretical Computer Science) link


  1. Computable bi-embeddable categoricity of equivalence structures, submitted for publication. with Nikolay Bazhenov, Ekaterina Fokina and Luca San Mauro
  2. Reducibility and bi-reducibility spectra of equivalence relations, submitted for publication. with Ekaterina Fokina and Luca San Mauro


  1. April 2016, Computable Structure Theory, abstract
    Research Seminar Set Theory, TU Wien
  2. May 2016, Enumerable Functors,
    PhD's in Logic VIII, TU Darmstadt
  3. July 2016, Enumerable Functors, abstract
    IMS Graduate Summer School in Logic, National University of Singapore
  4. August 2016, Enumerable Functors
    ASL Logic Colloquium 2016, Leeds