ALEA in Europe Workshop

Vienna, Austria
October 9-13, 2017

The ALEA in Europe workshop aims at bringing together researchers around the thematics of the ALEA-Network. The 2017 edition is organised at the Technical University of Vienna.

The workshop will feature three courses as well as long (50 minutes) and short (25 minutes) talks.

Invited Speakers

Courses by:
Christian Krattenthaler (Univ. Wien): Lattice paths and (bi)orthogonal polynomials
Conrado Martinez (UPC Barcelona): Data Stream Analysis: a (new) triumph for Analytic Combinatorics
Ralph Neininger (Univ. Frankfurt): Stochastic fixed-points and periodicities in combinatorial structures

Long talks by:
Pierre Calka (Univ. Rouen): The Poisson-Voronoi cell around an isolated nucleus
Bernhard Gittenberger (TU Wien): Enumeration of Compacted Trees with Height Restrictions
Christoph Koutschan (RICAM, Linz): Symbolic evaluation of determinants and rhombus tilings of holey hexagons
Hsien-Kuei Hwang (Academia Sinica): Probabilistic analysis of (1+1)-Evolutionary algorithm
Cécile Mailler (Univ. of Bath): Multi-drawing multi-colour urns
Irène Marcovici (Univ. Lorraine): Probabilistic cellular automata with memory two
Henning Sulzbach (Univ. Birmingham): Asymptotic expansions for the profile of random trees

Short talks by:
Axel Bacher (Univ. Paris Nord): Limit laws of anticipated rejection and related algorithms
Cyril Banderier (Univ. Paris Nord): Analytic Urns revisited: D-finiteness and generalized Mittag-Leffler distributions.
Michael Borinsky (Humboldt Univ. Berlin): Generating asymptotics for factorially divergent sequences
Mihyun Kang (TU Graz): Homological connectivity of random hypergraphs
Andrea Kuntschik (Goethe-Univ. Frankfurt): Rates of convergence for balanced, irreducible Pólya urns with two colours
Philippe Marchal (Univ. Paris Nord): The law of the corner of a Young tableau