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Analytic Combinatorics and Probabilistic Number Theory


Workshop on
Topology of Wild Spaces and Fractals

July 4 - 8, 2011, Strobl (Austria)

[Strobl picture]

On this site you can find the following information:


The workshop is devoted to the following topics:

  • fractal geometry
  • geometric topology
  • homotopy/homology groups of wild spaces
  • tilings
  • geometric group theory

Organising Committee

Location and Time

The workshop takes place in Strobl, a small village at Lake Wolfgangsee on the border between the Austrian provinces Salzburg and Upper Austria, at the Bundesinstitut für Erwachsenenbildung St.Wolfgang bifeb) [map] [homepage].

The scientific program will start on Monday, July 4, in the morning and finish on Friday, July 8, noon.


Participation is based on invitation. Accommodation for the participants including full board is covered. There is conference fee for participants of EUR 50,-- we kindly ask to pay in cash when checking in at the venue.


(by June 29, 2011)
  • Valerie Berthe
  • Matija Cencelj
  • Greg Conner
  • Sam Corson
  • Ligia L. Cristea
  • Alexander Dranishnikov
  • Gerhard Dorfer
  • Jerzy Dydak
  • Katsuya Eda
  • Paul Fabel
  • Hanspeter Fischer
  • Agelos Georgakopoulos
  • Wolfgang Herfort
  • Wolfram Hojka
  • Umed Karimov
  • Curt Kent
  • Paola Lopez
  • Benoit Loridant
  • Mark Meilstrup
  • Milton Minervino
  • Neza Mramor-Kosta
  • Petar Pavešić
  • Conrad Plaut
  • Christian Steineder
  • Wolfgang Steiner
  • Tai-Man Tang
  • Jörg Thuswaldner
  • Robert Tichy
  • Ziga Virk
  • Reinhard Winkler
  • Andreas Zastrow


For communication concerning the workshop please use the following address:

Please don't hesitate to use this address whenever you have any questions.