How to get from Vienna airport into the city by train

There are two options: S-Bahn (Austrian railway) and CAT ("City airport train"). Both connect the airport to the "Wien Mitte" station. (Busses and taxis are also available, but not explained on this page.)

The green signs for CAT are more prominent; CAT (9 Euro) is slightly faster than S-Bahn (3.40 Euro, as of June 2009; will increase in July).

You can find the tracks for both services by following these signs:

On the way you will pass the "Billa" food store.

Remember what I said about CAT signs being more prominent? Don't worry, you can still take the S-Bahn:

Now you have two choices: CAT to the left, S-Bahn straight ahead and then right. You can buy CAT tickets right here, S-Bahn tickets on the S-Bahn platform.

Gute Fahrt!