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Info: Das Seminar AGDM wird gemeinsam mit Kollegen der Universität Wien veranstaltet.

Ort: TU-Wien, Freihaus (4., Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10), Dissertantenraum, grüner Turm (A), 8. Stock.

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Zeit: Dienstags, 15.15 - 16.45h,

Datum: 11.12.2018
Titel: "Steep-bounce zeta map in parabolic Cataland"
Vortragender: Wenjie Fang (TU Graz)

Inhalt: As a classical object, the Tamari lattice has many generalizations, including ν-Tamari lattices and parabolic Tamari lattices. In this talk, we unify these generalizations in a bijective fashion. We introduce a new combinatorial object called “left-aligned colored tree”, and show that it provides a bijective bridge between various parabolic Catalan objects and certain nested pairs of Dyck paths. Under these bijections, that parabolic Tamari lattices are proved to be isomorphic to ν-Tamari lattices for bounce paths ν. As another consequence of our bijections, we prove the Steep-Bounce conjecture using a generalization of the famous zeta map in q,t-Catalan combinatorics. This is a joint work with Cesar Ceballos and Henri Mühle.


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